Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 7- Settling Relationships: Preparing for a Date/Going Out prt.II

Preparing for a Date/Going Out Continued:

I realise when preparing myself for going out or for a date I participate within stress, anxiety that eventually leads to being possessed with emotions that are attached to the expectations I’m holding when preparing myself for going out/on a date, that I exist within a construct of mind which got nothing to do with the physical reality that is of flesh and not of mind.

I realise that when I drift off within stress, anxiety, and the "Happy, Happy, Up, Up" feeling which comes with the a possible prospect of expecting something positive, exiting to happen that I just opened up/enter a mind construct to engage within which is of mind and not of flesh and not serving me, because `I realise that I allow myself to engage in illusion of mind which I cant touch or hold b/c its not of flesh so therefore I let it go as the commitment I'm walking bc I see that I’m part of the whole and thus create the whole and therefore I commit myself to take self repsonsibility for my part because I'm part and co-creator of the whole.

When and as I see myself go into automated patterns of anxiety and stress, when preparing myself for a date/going out I breathe and bring myself back here in order to see WTF is going on.

When and as I see myself go into anxiety and stress when preparing myself going out for a date which comes with: “not knowing what to wear, where to go, getting and feeling all worked up b/c off the energy attached to it I STOP and bring myself back here b/c I understand that I’m engaging myself in a mind-construct of expectations a prospect of maybe, possible, perhaps something, exiting, positive is going to happen. Maybe finding the one/a partner is going to happen and I realise that this is actually only happening within my mind and my projections towards reality which is not of this physical reality which is not of flesh and thus not serving me/all and therefore I let it go.

I commit myself to bring about a world that will not allow expectations that separates us from the whole to prevail above that what must be expected of and for all living beings, there is only one standard of expectatios that is of value that which is best for all living beings. There is only one way to live expectations into being and that’s the commitment I live until all life is taken into consideration because I expect only what’s best for all and that’s what I commit myself to live until its done, until no expectations within or without will exist any more that’s settles for less than what’s best for all in al ways in all forms.
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